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Tony Bish Golden Egg


Tony Bish Wines Logo
The Urban Winery Logo

Tony Bish Wines has an exclusive focus on Chardonnay, showcasing the unparalleled craftsmanship and expertise of winemaker Tony Bish.

With a philosophy rooted in innovation and quality, Tony crafts each bottle with meticulous attention to detail, capturing the essence of the region's rich vineyards. His commitment to Chardonnay a delve deep into the nuances of the varietal, resulting in a portfolio of wines that exemplify elegance, complexity, and a true reflection of the Hawke's Bay's distinct character.

The Urban Winery - Situated within the venerable Rothmans tobacco art deco building in Ahuriri, The Urban Winery is New Zealand's first wine bar and functional winery set against an urban backdrop. Distinguished by its pioneering approach to wine education, The Urban Winery entices visitors with an glimpse into the barrel room and the art of winemaking, all while savouring a delightful tasting experience or glass of wine. 

National Distillery Company Logo

Born from a passion for crafting premium spirits, The National Distillery embodies a dedication to quality, innovation, and the pursuit of distinctive gin flavors. Located in the picturesque National Tobacco Company building, friends Blair and Ricardo saw an opportunity to create a range of premium, modern spirits in a historic location. Something that would look good, taste good, and elevate the after work G&T. Something that was both crafted and creative, contemporary and classic.

Pioneering the art of small-batch distillation, The National Distillery prides itself on the meticulous sourcing of locally grown ingredients and time-honored techniques. From thier HQ in Napier, New Zealand, they distill gin, vodka, rum and whisky from thier state-of-the-art copper stills. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the country and the world, hand selecting and blending to create spirits which tell stories. 

National Distillery Gin

The National Distillery

Fortune Favours Logo

Beer for everyone. As the saying goes, Fortune Favours the bold, Fortune Favours the brave. 

Shannon Thorpe, our founder, took this expression and ran (straight to the bank) with it when he founded Fortune Favours in 2016. Shannon threw caution to the wind, quitting his day job, and relocating to the Capital with his young family, amidst a few raised brows. But, as he reminded himself, Fortune Favours the bold, Fortune Favours the brave. Then, he cajoled Dale Cooper, award-winning brewer, whose palate trumps his beard (hard to believe, we know), to join him and they set out to brew really great beer for everyone. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. 

In 2017 we opened our brewpub on Wellington’s Leed Street. Then we started to win a few awards on our home soil and across the ditch. In 2019 we opened our bar in Wellington’s Airport, making Jetstar delays way more enjoyable. We started to pop up around the country, in your local liquor stores, restaurants and bars, making it that much easier to grab your Fortune Favours. All the while, Dale and our brewers were creating and finessing award-winning beers, with the count now topping 300 beers. 

We’ll always call Wellington home, but now, Fortune Favours is pretty much always within reach, no matter where you are in the country. Anything that requires braveness, boldness and perhaps a splash of luck, be it prepping for your first marathon or meeting the in-laws-to-be, is that much easier when you know a cold beer is within reach on the other side. 

We think everyone deserves to drink great beer. And we think Fortune Favours is damn great beer. But, we would think that, wouldn’t we?

Fortune Favours Can

Fortune Favours

Zeffer logo

Zeffer are known for crafting, brewing, distilling and creating the finest drinks like cider, real fruit RTDs, the zingiest Alcoholic Ginger Beer and more. They made our home Hawke’s Bay for good reason; it’s the home of sunshine and apples for starters. Zeffer are right at the source for crisp apples, zesty lemons and a bounty of fresh ingredients crucial for our delicious thirst quenchers.

At Zeffer, commitment to quality and innovation is unwavering. Each sip reflects a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and the abundance of natural ingredients that Hawke’s Bay offers. From the orchards to your glass, Zeffer ensures that every bottle tells a story of authenticity, dedication, and the vibrancy of this unique region. Join Zeffer on a journey of taste, where the essence of Hawke’s Bay is artfully captured in every meticulously crafted beverage.


Sundays drink


Sundays logo

Sundays Drinks is a beverage range proudly rooted in the vibrant Hawkes Bay community. We provide a refreshing, guilt-free beverage experience that's all about balance. Low sugar, all-natural goodness, and a commitment to quality. Each can provides beautiful natural flavours from Hawkes Bay and Gisborne fruit extracts. We believe you shouldn't have to choose between a tasty drink and a healthy one. What began as a non-alcoholic brand has now evolved to include premium ready-to-drink options, ensuring there's a choice for everyone. Proudly collaborating with the renowned National Distillery in Ahuriri, we bring you the finest in quality and flavour. We are committed to providing products which are a well-balanced option, embracing premium ingredients for a high quality drink. Cheers to Hawkes Bay!

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